Measuring Stress Level With Images (o_O) ?

if the faster the image moves, the greater the stress on you.
These images are used to determine the level of stress that can be handled one. The more slowly moving pictures, the better a person's ability to overcome stress.
A criminal who had the test said the drawings were spinning very fast.
The drawings are no animation, it is a static image

[taken from Gonggo Ronggo's notes]


My first Role Play :3

One day, through facebook, I met with luna. He introduced me to "role play". a play is made with spontaneity of the "player"
The following is an excerpt from the first RP we play :)
check it out :

Kunai: Japanese traditional weapons used by the shinobi (ninja)
Cakra : humman's secret power(?)

-Role play info-
Name: Bastet
Age: 17
Partners: Sado and Shaitan
Group: Akatsuki
Ninja style: devil jutsu

Name : DARK
Age : Unknown
JOB : Thief Artist
Group: No
Fighting Styles : Traditional Ninja
Weapon :
- Knuckles
- Elect.Guitar
Skill :
- Henge no jutsu
- kawarimi no jutsu
- Mind Distortion
- healing Sounds

Dark's story

Dark Rose
*sitting near a tree at the side of the road of nowhere*
"ah... this hills r warm,, nice view... okay.. ill eat my apples.."

Sat at 6:48am · Delete

Luna Bastet Chiaverini
Appears on a branch of the three and looks down
"hey!!! hi Dark!!!"

Sat at 6:50am

Dark Rose
"um... ??? sory... i don't know you... u want an apple??"

Sat at 6:51am · Delete

Luna Bastet Chiaverini
jumps down
"I'm Bastet"
"No thanks I hate fruits!"

Sat at 6:53am

Dark Rose
"ah...!! are u an assasin???"
... "or u must be a bounty hunter???"

Sat at 6:55am · Delete

Luna Bastet Chiaverini
"I'm just a renegade assassin ninja"
"But I'm not here to kill u!"

Sat at 6:55am

Dark Rose
"ah.. okay... u r a ninja...
coz i'm a thief..
so i think there r many of bounty hunters r looking for me :P"


"is this hill r your hideout?
sory.. i'm just passing by..
i'll leave if u want.. "...


*stands up...*

Sat at 6:59am · Delete
Luna Bastet Chiaverini

"Calm down! I haven't an hideout u can remain!"
((But I gtg))

Sat at 6:59am

Dark Rose
"ah... thanx.."

(n then she just disappear)



"i hope that we'll meet again soon..."

*sitting n then start to eat the apples... :)*

Sat at 7:04am · Delete

Luna Bastet Chiaverini((Of course!))

Appears again
smiles cheerfully
"What did u tell me about thief?"
sits down in front of u playing with a kunai.

Sat at 11:14pm

Dark Rose
"ahahha... well.. actually...err.... ahahaha... "

Sat at 11:16pm · Delete

Luna Bastet Chiaverini
Looks at u
"uhn? C'mon I'm just curious!"
laughs softly.

Sat at 11:16pm

Dark Rose
"ahahha... okay.. i'll tell u if u keep your kunai first"
*smiles gently*

Sat at 11:18pm · Delete
Luna Bastet Chiaverini
k k...
anyway if I wanted kill u...
surely I would not use this kunai...
" smiles and gives u the kunai
"like this is it better? C'mon now tell me your story"

Sat at 11:21pm

Dark Rose
((um.. this girls must be dangerous.. hahaha (^.^") ))

i'm a thief artist....
have u ever heard???"

*accepted the kunai, n then see how it's looks*

Sat at 11:26pm · Delete

Luna Bastet Chiaverini
"Uhn? thief artist?"
looks at u a bit confused.

Sat at 11:28pm

Dark Rose
*smiles again*
"yes.. it's a secret u know...
i'm dark rose, grandchild of dark mousy..."
((hahahaha.... i'll lie to her... xP))

Sat at 11:35pm · Delete

Luna Bastet Chiaverini
Looks at u
"mmmh... so thief pay attention. I hate lie. I will be able to kill u if i discover that u tell me lies..."


"I hope that u won't."

Yesterday at 3:04am

Dark Rose
~sweating.. but still smiles~
"uhm.... well actually i'm dark mousy's grandchild....
n he is my sensei to....
it's like a traditions i my familly to be a thief artist....."
(("uhm,... she is pretty... but dangerous... his cakra looks so heavy.."))

"umm... okay... so tell me what r u doin' here?? me? i'm just passing by like i've said before" :)

Yesterday at 5:46am · Delete

Luna Bastet Chiaverini

"I'm just lounging here...
I don't know what to do... "

Yesterday at 9:59am

Dark Rose
"so, do I....."
~and then bastet with dark are talkin' in many of topics,~

(UM.. it looks like we do need an antagonist here xP))
Yesterday at 8:54pm · Delete

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