My first Role Play :3

One day, through facebook, I met with luna. He introduced me to "role play". a play is made with spontaneity of the "player"
The following is an excerpt from the first RP we play :)
check it out :

Kunai: Japanese traditional weapons used by the shinobi (ninja)
Cakra : humman's secret power(?)

-Role play info-
Name: Bastet
Age: 17
Partners: Sado and Shaitan
Group: Akatsuki
Ninja style: devil jutsu

Name : DARK
Age : Unknown
JOB : Thief Artist
Group: No
Fighting Styles : Traditional Ninja
Weapon :
- Knuckles
- Elect.Guitar
Skill :
- Henge no jutsu
- kawarimi no jutsu
- Mind Distortion
- healing Sounds

Dark's story

Dark Rose
*sitting near a tree at the side of the road of nowhere*
"ah... this hills r warm,, nice view... okay.. ill eat my apples.."

Sat at 6:48am · Delete

Luna Bastet Chiaverini
Appears on a branch of the three and looks down
"hey!!! hi Dark!!!"

Sat at 6:50am

Dark Rose
"um... ??? sory... i don't know you... u want an apple??"

Sat at 6:51am · Delete

Luna Bastet Chiaverini
jumps down
"I'm Bastet"
"No thanks I hate fruits!"

Sat at 6:53am

Dark Rose
"ah...!! are u an assasin???"
... "or u must be a bounty hunter???"

Sat at 6:55am · Delete

Luna Bastet Chiaverini
"I'm just a renegade assassin ninja"
"But I'm not here to kill u!"

Sat at 6:55am

Dark Rose
"ah.. okay... u r a ninja...
coz i'm a thief..
so i think there r many of bounty hunters r looking for me :P"


"is this hill r your hideout?
sory.. i'm just passing by..
i'll leave if u want.. "...


*stands up...*

Sat at 6:59am · Delete
Luna Bastet Chiaverini

"Calm down! I haven't an hideout u can remain!"
((But I gtg))

Sat at 6:59am

Dark Rose
"ah... thanx.."

(n then she just disappear)



"i hope that we'll meet again soon..."

*sitting n then start to eat the apples... :)*

Sat at 7:04am · Delete

Luna Bastet Chiaverini((Of course!))

Appears again
smiles cheerfully
"What did u tell me about thief?"
sits down in front of u playing with a kunai.

Sat at 11:14pm

Dark Rose
"ahahha... well.. actually...err.... ahahaha... "

Sat at 11:16pm · Delete

Luna Bastet Chiaverini
Looks at u
"uhn? C'mon I'm just curious!"
laughs softly.

Sat at 11:16pm

Dark Rose
"ahahha... okay.. i'll tell u if u keep your kunai first"
*smiles gently*

Sat at 11:18pm · Delete
Luna Bastet Chiaverini
k k...
anyway if I wanted kill u...
surely I would not use this kunai...
" smiles and gives u the kunai
"like this is it better? C'mon now tell me your story"

Sat at 11:21pm

Dark Rose
((um.. this girls must be dangerous.. hahaha (^.^") ))

i'm a thief artist....
have u ever heard???"

*accepted the kunai, n then see how it's looks*

Sat at 11:26pm · Delete

Luna Bastet Chiaverini
"Uhn? thief artist?"
looks at u a bit confused.

Sat at 11:28pm

Dark Rose
*smiles again*
"yes.. it's a secret u know...
i'm dark rose, grandchild of dark mousy..."
((hahahaha.... i'll lie to her... xP))

Sat at 11:35pm · Delete

Luna Bastet Chiaverini
Looks at u
"mmmh... so thief pay attention. I hate lie. I will be able to kill u if i discover that u tell me lies..."


"I hope that u won't."

Yesterday at 3:04am

Dark Rose
~sweating.. but still smiles~
"uhm.... well actually i'm dark mousy's grandchild....
n he is my sensei to....
it's like a traditions i my familly to be a thief artist....."
(("uhm,... she is pretty... but dangerous... his cakra looks so heavy.."))

"umm... okay... so tell me what r u doin' here?? me? i'm just passing by like i've said before" :)

Yesterday at 5:46am · Delete

Luna Bastet Chiaverini

"I'm just lounging here...
I don't know what to do... "

Yesterday at 9:59am

Dark Rose
"so, do I....."
~and then bastet with dark are talkin' in many of topics,~

(UM.. it looks like we do need an antagonist here xP))
Yesterday at 8:54pm · Delete

[prolouge -fin-]

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