application Love Letter, [actually it's in bahasa then i translate xP]

Subject: Offer Agreement


I am very pleased to inform you that I have fallen in love with you starting October 9, 2009.

Based on our family meeting on October 7 and at 6:15am, I was determined to offer himself as a prospective lover you. Relationships we will establish probation at least 3 months before entering the permanent stage.

Of course, after the trial period is over, will be held first on the job training is intensive and ongoing. And then, every three months will be held next performance evaluation is also able to work on providing an increase in the status of a spouse's lover.

Costs for home dining and shopping will be divided equally between the 2 both parties. Furthermore based on your performance and your performance, not closed the possibility that I will bear a larger part of total expenditure.

However, I was wise enough and able to assess, the number and shape of your expenses out later. I humbly ask you to answer this offer within 30 days as of the date of acceptance letter. Passed from that date, this offer will be canceled without further notice, and of course I will switch and to consider other candidates.

I would really thankful if, you pleased to forward this letter to a younger sister, cousins and even your close friends. if you reject this offer.

So I can offer and the previous add thank you for your attention.


Prospective Boyfriend/Husband

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